Go Green With Your Restaurant Food Supply

It’s not top secret that a majority of restaurants aren’t doing everything they can to be environmentally friendly. As the restaurant food supplier, it becomes your job to lead by example by selling and packaging your produce in an environmentally friendly way. As this is not something that can happen overnight in the restaurant industry, there are small things you can do to start moving toward a greener business and many restaurant suppliers in Cape Town are going green.


Source Your Produce Locally


Possibly the number one reason to go green and source your produce locally is that  you’re helping local stores keep their doors open. This also acts as a means of building better and stronger relationships with producers and suppliers in the industry.


Sell Your Produce In Biodegradable Packaging


Also known as compostable packaging, biodegradable packaging can be broken down into compostable components. This type of packaging is made from organic materials which do not use any additional energy when being broken down. You can encourage your clients to start doing their bit by giving them a discount should they opt in to make use of biodegradable packaging such as paper bags, bowls, plates and cups.


Implement Virtual Ordering Systems


Thanks to the rapid pace in technological advancements, you’re able to give your clients the option to opt into your virtual ordering system. This means customers are able to order their fruit and vegetables online as opposed to a Sales Executive driving out every time clients need to place an order. Not only does this reduce the carbon emissions from vehicles but it is also a cost saving technique for businesses as they save money on fuel.


As going green in the restaurant industry can prove to be challenging, by implementing just these three tips you’re already doing your bit to start reducing your carbon footprint and encourage more restaurants to start going green.


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